The Importance of Keeping Your Roof Clean


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When the home’s siding has collected enough dust or the paint begins peeling spots, it can make the entire home look a bit rundown and dull.

Homeowners are generally expected to keep their home’s aesthetics on point. For one, it’s always nice to return to a lovely looking home and it’s never a nice thing to be that one home on the block dragging down the curb appeal. Part of this responsibility includes addressing the roof.

But, keeping your roofing Huntsville, AL clean and presentable is not just about looking good, it can actually protect your home from damage.

More than Dirt

The exterior roof sits outside in the elements all day and protects the interior of the home from dirt, moisture, solar rays and more. Airborne dust and particles will land on the roof and combine with plentiful amounts of moisture in the form of rainfall and other precipitation. When the bid brown and greenish stains begin to form this is not just regular airborne contaminants. Which can explain why only one-side might be affected.


Gloeocapsa magma is a type of algae that grow abundantly on roofs. Also called GM, these algae can feed off the limestone and asphalt roofing materials in certain shady, cool and moist conditions. When there is very little light, the algae may be bluish-green in some areas. The side of the roof that is more suited to the cultivation of Gm will be more noticeable and can begin to produce molds as well. This can explain why there is often only one side affected.


Lichens are like a mixture between algae and a fungus and that{s exactly what it is.  Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers describes lichens as a symbiotic relationship between the fungus and algae. These organisms will spread their roots deep into the organic oil-based components of the roofing shingles for its nourishment. Lichens can be especially difficult to remove from the roof and can appear after a series of heavy rains.


Moss is an actual plant type that comes complete with a root system and a need for plenty of moisture to keep it alive. Those sections of the roof that have plenty of shade will retain their moisture for a long period of time. An overhanging tree branch can provide this shade and also drop other organic materials that make food for the growing moss plants. When they are fully matured, these moss plant will produce the moss spores that will transfer the moss plants far and wide. Even across your neighborhood.

How Can Stains Damage a Roof?

The stains you see gathering on your roof are actually being caused by fungus, moss, and lichens that will damage the shingles and lead to wood rot in the structures below. Both of these issues can lead to very expensive repair work. But, with a good roofing Huntsville, AL cleaning, the problems can be avoided and your roof salvaged.

As we have mentioned the algae called GM can feed off limestone and asphalt materials. This means that once they’ve gotten settled, these algae are eating your roof little by little. Furthermore, roofs that host an algae problem will absorb more heat. This adds further damage to the shingles as they are baked from the inside out.

Lichen deals similar damage as their roots tears deep into shingles. This creates pockmarks that allow elemental damage to begin deteriorating the roof.

But, moss is probably the most detrimental problem with roofing shingles. Moss gets in between the tightly laid shingles and materials and causes them to lift away and curl back. This is because of the amounts of moisture contained in the moss reacting to the temperatures outside.

Professional Cleaning

Roof cleaning doesn’t just address the looks of your roof, it also means your roof will last longer and this saves your investment. It can be tempting to take this job on yourself, but there are some good reasons for accepting roofing Huntsville, AL professional help in this important task.

One reason is the specially designed biodegradable cleaning solutions they apply to the task. At home, you will have to use whatever cleaning supplies you can source and these will often have a bad effect on the environment in such vast quantities as will be needed.

Preventing Future Growth

After this, there are some measures that can be taken that will ensure that growth is not a problem anytime in the near future. It is recommended that a chemical cleaner be applied every 2 to 3 years and keeps plant growth away.

Some other recommendations include:
Cutting back overhanging tree branches
Clearing off debris as it collects on the roof
Clearing gutters and drain ways regularly

Sometimes the growth of algae, moss or lichens will have gotten so bad that only repair work is needed. After this, even professional cleaning won’t save the roof from damage.

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