How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof In Alabama?


Have you noticed a leak in your roof and want to get it fixed as soon as possible? One of the first things you may begin to wonder is how long does it actually take to replace a roof? In addition, you may wonder what is all required to get a new roof. Thankfully, roof installation is not to be able to think nor take as much time.

In fact, you can find a qualified roofing Huntsville, AL roofer will be able to install your new roof in as little as two days. However, this will be solely dependent upon the size and scope of your housing. Surprisingly, the installation process is rather simple as long as you know what you’re doing.

New Roof Installation

There are a few steps that are necessary for a new route to be installed. The vast majority of the steps are going to include a good deal of physical labor. The installation of a new roof is physically demanding and not easy work. Below, you’ll find typical steps that are required for new roof installation.

Picking The Proper Materials

Are you going to decide upon traditional tiles or shingles? Or perhaps you may want something different like shakes? If you decide on shingles, you will need to either three-tab shingles, dimensional shingles, premium shingles or the impact resistant shingles. In addition to the specific shingle, you choose you also need to decide upon the primary color.

During this early stage, you’ll also need to develop a plan or strategy. The strategy is an essential part of your new crew installation and will help to make the overall process much simpler.

Tearing Down The Old Roof

One of the most important aspects of this stage is removing shingles as this is going to make it much easier to replace them. In addition, it is at this stage that you will be able to decipher if there is any underlying damage to the roof that needs tending to. If there is any rotting would crack or cracked boards you will be able to tell once the old roof has been dismantled.

Structural Repairs

If there is rotting wood or cracked boards, this is going to be the time that they need to be replaced. Before the new roof can be installed, the roof deck will need to be prepared.

Leak Barrier And Deck Protection

Before shingles can be applied to the roof, there will need to be at least one additional layer of material. Typically, the vast majority of roofers will use roofing felt as deck protection. Roofing felt uses asphalt for protective material as opposed to the traditional tar.

Areas that are at high risk for leaks will be protected by leak barriers. It is most important that the roofing professional you choose will use these barriers in a wise manner. Once both have been installed, the process of shingle installation can begin.

Shingle Installation

Once your roofing Huntsville, AL professional has protected and prepared your roof, the real work can begin. A word of warning, this will usually be the most time-consuming process. The quality dog is going the time to ensure all of the rows are level and straight. While the vast majority of people are never going to see the top of your roof, this is simply done to ensure the ultimate in protection against leaks.

Once the shingles are in place, the installation of your new roof below must be complete.

The Cleanup Process

It goes without saying that during the installation of a new roof, there are going to be considerable messes made. More than likely your yard is going to be covered with roofing felt, shingles as well as roofing nails during this process. A professional roofer is going to ensure that everything has been cleaned up thoroughly and properly.

Dealing With Insurance

Placing an insurance claim is usually only appropriate if you have an adequate amount of coverage. This process will usually take much more time for repairs to your roof.

In order to get partial payment for the cost of repairs is going, to begin with, either a phone call or email claim to your insurance company.

Next will come with the overall inspection of the damage. It is going to be best to call roofing Huntsville, AL contractors and request a quote for the type of work you are asking them to do. If you decide to hire 2nd2None, they will give you a quote for the roof as well as any other damage that your home may have sustained during a storm.

Now you’ll simply have to choose a contractor based upon the quote that they gave you, who will be able to assist you in the claims process.

Filing your insurance claim is not going to be a difficult process at all. By this point, you should have chosen your contractor with the best test that and they will file a detailed claim for the estimated repair value.

Once again, settling the claim with your insurance agency is a rather easy process as well. When you work with a company that is already experienced in dealing with insurance companies, you will receive not only a quick process but get the maximum value.

Now the repairs can begin!

Adding insurance to the whole process can add to the overall hassle, however, it is one of the best ways to save a substantial amount of money on your new roof installation.


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