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Nowadays, the most common kind of roof for residences is the asphalt shingle. Despite having a long history, it was able to witness numerous changes. The asphalt shingle boomed over the past several decades. During this time, it became the default material for residential roofing as its production is cheap and it can be installed quite easily. Because of the new technologies, this kind of roofing is now an appealing material for a lot of reasons.

During the 1960s, people witnessed vital technological advancements in asphalt shingles. Ever since they were invented, these shingles have been created with organic felt as the base. The shingles that people used earliest were created using cotton rags. However, since the rags eventually became expensive during the 1920s, the manufacturers eventually shifted to using cellulose fibers that came from recycled wood and paper. It was during the 1960s that manufacturers started to create asphalt shingles that have a base made of fiberglass. Initially, since the shingles were lightweight, they became highly susceptible to damage from the wind. However, because of the various improvements that happened from the 1970s to the 1980s, fiberglass eventually became the chosen material for asphalt shingles.

During the start of the 1980s, asphalt shingles were able to enter the market with specially enhanced features. One of its famous features are granules which are treated with additives that are especially resistant to algae. These additives were able to prevent the growth of blue-green algae that creates the unsightly black streaks that appear on many asphalt roofs. There have been new additives that allow the shingles to become more resistant to UV rays. They were able to let the shingles resist any structural damage that comes from the UV rays and keep their hue so much better over time.

During the 1990s, there was an enhancement in the asphalt shingles’ resistance to damage due to impact from debris such as hail. At the same time, researchers started working on asphalt shingles that can minimize high wind speeds so these can get installed in places that are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes.


Through the building up of various asphalt layers, laminated shingles are created. These can make the shingles thicker, especially at the outer exposed area. Because of this, people usually refer to it as an architectural or dimensional shingle.

There are a couple of main advantages to thicker shingles: great durability and wonderful appearance. When it comes to appearance, the main difference between any kind of roofing material and the three-tab shingle is that the three-tab shingle appears flat. Despite that, a lot of homeowners still desire the look of natural materials such as slate, shake, and tile. The building up of laminated and asphalt shingles in layers can produce an appearance that is more interesting and varied, imitating the look of any natural material. Shingles may also be created in various sizes and shapes in order to increase the illusion that it is natural.

Since asphalt has multiple layers, it’s more durable than many alternatives. The three-tab shingle can rarely last for more than three decades. A lot of the high-quality architectural shingles have a warranty of five decades.


In the past, people considered asphalt shingles cheap, unexciting, and simple. However, because of the new technologies available nowadays, asphalt shingles can be more expensive but now have a wide variety of premium properties that can make them worth the price.
Durability is an aspect in roofing where manufacturers were able to invest a lot of money for research. Whenever you reside in a place that experiences high winds or large hail, you may get shingles that are capable of keeping up with the weather. Available are premium asphalt shingles, which are rated for winds that are 150 mph or more. High-end shingles may use specialized materials and nails, along with high-tech adhesives in order to withstand winds that have the force of a hurricane. Homeowners who live in places that are prone to these types of storms often spend a lot of cash on high-wind shingles. They can eventually earn some of the money back through lowered premiums in homeowners’ insurance. This may also apply whenever you use shingles that are resistant to impact in places that experience large hail.
Appearance is another selling point to modern premium shingles. Even if the laminate shingles have a more organic appearance compared to the style with three tabs, there are several manufacturers that go beyond that. Whenever homeowners are interested in a certain appearance, they can now buy shingles that look similar to any other material. These shingles utilize granules that are finer and come in colors which are specially designed. These may also get cut into specific shapes and built with various layers. Everything is combined for the creation of a shingle that can accurately imitate the appearance of tile, slate, or shake. Despite all of these advantages, these can still be more affordable than the ones made of natural materials. Since they are also lighter, you wouldn’t have to install additional structural support on the roof.


During the asphalt shingles’ early days, there was a design that was able to make up almost the whole market for asphalt shingles. This is the three-tab shingle that is typically made of a strip of asphalt that has a couple of notches that make it appear similar to three tabs or three shingles. This eventually allowed people to call it “three-tab.” These shingles have an appearance that is uniform and flat. They recently became the most common kind of roof for residences. Nowadays, whenever you visit any suburb, you will definitely see a lot of three-tab asphalt shingles.

These shingles with three-tab asphalt became popular mostly because of price. They are among the roofing materials that are cheapest. Whenever maintained and treated properly, the three-tab asphalt shingles are capable of lasting for a couple of decades or more. However, since a lot of the three-tab shingles have a warranty of 20 to 25 years, it may be rare for a roof with three-tab shingles to last for more than three decades.

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