Providing Roof Inspections

to Hazel Green, AL; Owens Cross Roads, AL; Tullahoma, TN; Winchester, TN & Beyond

The average cost for a roofing company to come out and inspect your roof is about $250, including both gas and labor costs.

At 2nd2None Roofing & Construction, we provide free roof inspections for residents of the Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Hazel Green, and Owens Cross Roads, AL areas, as well as the neighboring towns of Tullahoma and Winchester, TN. That’s our courtesy to you. We’ll let you know the exact condition of your roof at no cost to you. If any roof repairs are required, you can put the cost of an inspection toward those instead. Contact our local roofers today to schedule your roof inspection!


Many roofing contractors will tell you that regular roof maintenance is the key to a long lifespan. We recommend having your roof inspected at least once a year to nip any potential problems in the bud.

We will examine the following:

● Overall appearance ● Cracks or leaks in the ceiling ● Fascia, gutters, drains, skylights, chimneys, and vents

● Shingles that are missing, curled, or broken ● Areas prone to collecting water ● Flashing points that are damaged or missing


First and foremost, there’s an inherent danger in climbing a ladder to access the roof. And once you’re up there, you may not be familiar with all the warning signs and know just what to look for. However, it’s very important to make sure you hire a reputable roofing contractor for the job. Ask people you trust about companies they’ve hired. Check online review pages also if you wish.

An obvious time to have a roof inspection done is following extreme weather. However, that shouldn’t be the only time. The optimal time to have your roof inspected is during the fall season. Cold temperatures can render any sealing useless, not to mention the possible ice hazards. Finally, most moss and lichen treatments must sit on the surface for up to 180 days, so the fall is the best time to do so.


If you’ve lived in the Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Hazel Green, or Owens Cross Roads, AL areas, or towns such as Tullahoma and Winchester, TN for any length of time, then you don’t need us to tell you about the hailstorms. While your roof is meant to stand up to some wind and rainfall, golf ball-sized hail is another story. Following a hailstorm, it’s important to get your roof inspected as soon as possible. Hail damage can lead to leaks and a host of other issues. 2nd2None offers free roof inspections. We’ll let you know about any damage and how much you can expect to pay to have it repaired. Contact us today to get started.