Can You Do a Layover Instead of Roof Replacement


A roof overlay is done when the second set of shingles is placed on top of an existing layer of shingles on a roof. Because of the extra weight caused by two layers of shingles, only one overlay can be done on a roof. After that, both layers of shingles must be removed and a new set of shingles placed on your roof decking. If your roof already has two layers of shingles, an overlay cannot be done.

With a roof overlay, the existing shingles do not need to be removed, which means the roofing project can be done faster and cheaper than a complete roofing Huntsville, AL replacement.

An overlay may be a good option for those whose roof has older shingles that need to be replaced and the structure of their roof is sound. An overlay may also be an option for roofs with minor leaks; however, if there are mold, mildew, moss or other growths on the roof or larger leaks, an overlay may not be the best option. Before an overlay is considered, it is vital that you understand that an overlay must be done to the entire roof, not just parts of your roof.

Overlays may not always be the answer. First, if you overlay your roof, you do not know what is underneath the shingles. You will not be able to ascertain the condition of the felt underlayment as well as if the roof decking is dry. Although you can inspect the underside of your roofing by going into the attic, it may impossible to diagnose rotting roof decking or sagging decking from underneath.

When you do an overlay and add another layer of shingles, you could be covering up an existing problem rather than fixing it. In fact, leaving the issue untreated can actually make the condition worse.

When Is a Total Huntsville Roof Replacement Better than a Roof Overlay?

The best reason a total roofing Huntsville, AL replacement is better than an overlay is that it can be done at almost anytime. A total roof replacement is the only option if your home already has more than one layer of shingles on the roof. Additionally, if you suspect your roof decking is the reason for your roofing problems, a roof replacement is the best options. If your shingles are in ill repair, the roof decking underneath is probably in poor shape as well and needs to be inspected and repaired rather than simply being covered up.

Why You Should Reject a Roof Overlay

* Unresolved decking problems – Adding another layer of shingles on top of your existing shingle covers up problems with your roof decking. Over time, these issues can become greater and damage the structure of your home or office building.

* No Water Shield or Ice Shield – Removing your existing shingles allows a leak protection product like a water and ice shield to be installed. This provides a second layer of leak protection to ensure your roof is protecting your home.

* Risk of Roof Collapse – If the decking on your roof is wet or rotting, you run the risk of a roof collapse. Ice and water can become trapped under the shingles and increase the risk of collapse during inclement weather.

* Lower Roof Life Expectancy – If underlying issues are not resolved, it can decrease the life expectancy of your shingles. The new layer of shingles will not be able to protect your roofing in Huntsville, AL home for the life expectancy that the shingles have been rated for.

An overlay may be a good option for those who do not have any soggy, rotten roof decking or leaks; however, it is impossible to know if your decking is in good shape unless the layer of shingles is removed. In the future, the homeowner may be facing a greater roofing issue. For this reason, it is best that all old shingles are removed so the roof decking can be inspected. This also allows for a new underlayment to be installed on top of your roof decking to provide superior protection.

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