Immediate Steps To Take With Water Damage


No one likes to have a roof cave unexpectedly…least of all when there could have been something you could have done to prevent it from falling from the sky, so to speak. Read this blog to know exactly what you need to do if you have water damage to your house.


Step #1: Call Your Insurance Company Immediately

Yes, immediately. Everyone’s insurance coverage for their home varies depending on who you’re insurance with but generally, they will be able to take a look at what all has been damaged. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and write down all of your valuables that have been damaged in the process as this will make the process much easier when dealing with your home insurance company.


Step #2: Stay Safe…Even When Looking Around Your Damaged Home

It’s natural to be anxious with any water damage, but what could happen if you do not remain calm through this process is that someone would get injured due to water damage. Be safe when taking a look around at the water damage regarding your home and take safety precautions. Safety comes first, after all. A good tip is to shut off all power, depending on the extent of the damage as this will prevent any electrocutions or hospital visits.


Step #3: Repair That Water Damage

Water damage should start within the first 24-48 hours in most cases after you’ve been cleared to re-enter your home. Contact a local restoration company for help if you are unsure where to start and if you are planning to do this on your own, be sure you are wearing protective gear for your safety.


Step #4: Dry Out The Home And Check For Mold

In most cases, you’ll need to dry out your home or at least the spots with water damage. If this step is skipped, it will result in mold growth, mildew build-up, or rotting of any woods. Luckily, if you’re able to contact a local water damage company I suggest you do so. If anything else, be sure that you have a dehumidifier and a large Floor Fan to prevent mold at all costs.


If you notice mold, take precautions and call an expert…immediately. In the meantime, be sure you aren’t spreading any mold spores as you’re attempting to dry out your home.


Step #5: Restore and Move Back Into Your Home

Repair any remaining water damage in your home and have it checked by an expert before moving forward with settling back into the home.


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