Breathing Buildings: Ventilation And Installation


Ventilation under the Roof

Take a deep breath. Pay special attention to the way you’re breathing and what you’re breathing in. Does it smell crisp or does the air feel thick? Having the proper ventilation placed inside your home makes a huge difference in your health and overall safety while living in that home. Here are some good tips on why it’s important to have the proper ventilation for your home.


In order to have the right air quality in your home, you must ensure that your ventilators are properly circulating the air. Air quality not only is important for the environment, it’s essential to your overall health concerns. Air pollution has the ability to weaken the immune system and, in turn, could prevent your lungs from getting the proper air that they need to keep you alive.


A few ways air is able to get into your home:

  • Opening doors and windows
  • Spot fans that include bathroom fans that pull air into and out of the room
  • Cracks, joints, and other openings from the parts of the building that connects including your flooring, your walls, windows, and pipes
  • Mechanical systems to the whole house


There are several challenges that are associated with having poor ventilation within your home. Some including but not excluded to:

  • Believe it or not, pollution is able to build up within your home if the circulation isn’t working properly
  • Carbon monoxide is able to build up inside your home overtime leaving it potentially deadly
  • During summer weather, the likelihood of humidity getting inside the 4 walls of your home increased and has the potential to build up added moisture over time. This can lead to molds or wood rotting


However, don’t fear for your life just yet…here are some ways you’re able to improve your ventilation inside your home to protect your overall health:

  • Use exhaust fans in places that have the potential to build up moisture such as your bathrooms and fix your kitchen with a custom exhaust fan to minimize the steam moisture build-up over time
  • Make sure all vents are vented towards the outside to prevent any carbon monoxide build-up
  • If nothing else, you might consider buying a dehumidifier for your home to prevent any other build up overtime


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