Roofing In the Rain – Is it a Good Idea?


When it comes to getting a job done in the Huntsville Alabama area, timing is critical.  When it comes to getting a new roof on your home or doing some repair work, this is even truer.  So, it might be tempting to try and get the job done no matter what the weather is like.  So many homeowners ask us, is roofing in the rain a good idea?  And the short answer is no, for various reasons.  Here are a few of the most important:

Safety is an issue

Simply put, trying to repair or replace a roof in rainy weather is a terrible idea for safety reasons.  When doing repairs at the top of a house is being done, having good traction is vital.  If the rain is coming down, that available traction is reduced greatly, which can lead to a higher potential for slips and falls.  That’s not something that you want while working twenty, maybe thirty feet off the ground.

Another factor with working in the rain that makes it a bad idea is that when there is rain, there is always the potential for lightning.  While a thunderstorm may be a beautiful sight to behold while sitting on your back porch, it can literally be deadly when fixing a roof. It’s simply not worth the risk. In fact, even the city of Huntsville, Alabama says that a roofing company has to provide for the safety of their workers while on the job.

Can You Roof in the Rain?

Believe us, we understand.  When it’s raining outside, and you discover a leak in your roof, you want it repaired as quickly as possible.  After all, who likes to have water dripping on their head?  And there are many places where leaks can occur, including the ridge of a metal roof. But in the long run, fixing a roof in rain can cause more problems than it solves.

First, it puts your home at an increased risk for water damage.  Often when an expert replaces your roof, portions of the roof are removed to expose the underside and the roofing support structure.  This means that portions of your home are exposed to the elements as well. As you can imagine, that can lead to significant water damage.

Second, if the roof is being replaced, working in the rain will significantly decrease the overall integrity of the roof.  In most cases, the adhesives used in roofing materials need to cure in a dry, relatively clean environment.  Simply put, the shingles in your new roof won’t stay put if they are installed during a downpour.

What Should I do Instead?

Never fear, there are alternatives available, now that you know the answer to the question of “can you roof in the rain?”.  If your roof needs repair during the rainy weather in the summer and you’re in the Huntsville, AL area, call us to discuss what can be done.  Often, we’ll start by placing a tarp over the leaky area to help prevent more water damage and wait for a window of dry weather to get the work done.  Once mother nature gives us a sunny day or two, we’ll have your roof repaired and looking like new in no time at all.