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How To Locate Roof Leaks

Check Your Flashings

Flashings are usually made out of plastic or sheeted metal, that protects the creases between house fixtures like skylights, chimneys, and especially the roof. Venting pipes also have flashing, usually underneath the roofing material. You can tell that you’re going to have a problem with the flashing if it is worn, a bit loose, or even cracked. This will make the area around the fixture vulnerable to downpours. If you used some sealant, it’ll wear down and crack in time. Check out our Roofing Huntsville AL Services.

Look out For Fallen Debris & Branches

The elements, branches falling from nearby trees, and animals climbing on rooftops can sometimes create noticeable punctures and holes in your roof. It’s a bad idea to fix this yourself since a lot of the steps for repairing this involves reframing the affected part of the roof. This job is best handled by reliable roofing contractors like 2nd2None. After we do the required reframing, we will install a new layer of roof sheathing then roofing paper, then the shingles. It’s a bad idea to temporarily cover the hole with some piece of material since this will only let moisture in and make your problem even worse to the point that you might need a costly roof replacement.

Inspect Your shingles For Blistering & Splitting

One issue you may notice along with your roof examination is physical roof damage known as blistering and splitting. Blistering and splitting usually occur in built-up roof membranes with shingles. while you don’t always need to repair blisters or splits, there are times where it’s necessary. It’s particularly problematic once shingle roofing is heated excessively, causing the felt to slide and accelerating the aging of the shingles as a result.

Blow-offs primarily occur when flashing is poorly connected to a roof. This may also happen with gravel and fasteners in hot hydrocarbon and torch-applied flat roofing systems. Different causes of blow-off include: Improper installation, or nails in the wrong places. Winds that are well beyond the rating of the roof manufacturer. You will usually see this happen with asphalt shingle roofing, therefore continually check after a storm or high winds. You don’t want to wait too long and find yourself with a lot of missing shingles. Be particularly cautious with lightweight kinds of shingle roofing like asphalt shingles. Tile or slate roofing may better stand up to high winds, however, they will also break. the method of repairing blow-off damage typically involves replacing the missing shingles, thus you’re staring at a significant cost in repairs, depending on the kind of shingles you’ve got.

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