Why a Metal Roof Leaking at Ridge is Such a Big Deal


As a whole, metal roofs are one of the most durable, user-friendly, and longest-lasting type of roof constructions that you can find in the Huntsville, Alabama area.  Whether you’re talking about an accent roof to an existing residential home or a complete metal roof for a new commercial structure, there are quite a few advantages to having a metal roof. But like most things in life, there are a few flaws associated with this type of roofing.  And unfortunately, in the Huntsville area, with its frequent storms, the chance of your metal roof leaking at the ridge is certainly one of them.    Here are a few reasons why a metal roof leaking at ridge is a big problem, and what to do about it.

What is The Ridge?

When it comes to metal roofing, the ridge is essentially the peak of the roof, where two (or sometimes more) metal pieces are joined together.  It’s often covered by a ridge cap to hide and protect the seams.

The problem, arises, of course, when the cap doesn’t offer quite enough protection, and water from an Alabama summer storm or frequent rains infiltrates the area.

Why is the Metal Roof Leaking at Ridge Such a Problem?

As you can imagine, a roof leak at any location can have some serious implications for the structural integrity of your roof, and ultimately your home.  However, a leak or water infiltration at the ridge, especially if you have a metal roof can be quite problematic.  First, it can be difficult to discover exactly what is causing the leak.  It could be improper sealing at the ridge itself, improper installation of the ridge vent, or perhaps the seam itself wasn’t lined up correctly.  Each of these cases is a possibility, and each one requires a different solution.

The second reason why leaks at the ridge of a metal roof can be such a hassle is that they can be unnoticed for quite some time, and therefore can lead to some serious mold or mildew issues even before you know what is happening.  Since they are more likely to occur directly above your head, they can be difficult to notice until the water starts to drip on your head. By then, the damage may already be done.

What Can Be Done?

In the case of a metal roof, preventative measures are a fantastic way to nip the problem in the bud as it were.  Regular inspections of your roof by a professional that is familiar with the various building codes in the Huntsville, Alabama area is essential for maintaining the health of your roof.  Even if you only have inspection once every year or so, it’s a great way to discover minor issues before they become major problems.

Once you do discover that your metal roof ridge is leaking, either by personal experience or through an inspection, the next step is to talk to a professional roofing company, such as 2nd2None Roofing.  While it may be tempting to climb up on the roof yourself and fix the problem area, we sincerely suggest that you talk to us before doing so.  Not only are there safety concerns to consider, but our experts have been trained to not only diagnose the problem correctly the first time, but also to offer the most cost-effective, and longest-lasting and budget-friendly remedy available.

How to stop leaks on a metal roof

If you are trying to find out how to stop leaks on a metal roof, a high-solids polyether works very well and the great thing is that most of them come the same color as your roof – so you will not be able to tell the difference. Some of the properties of this material is very well suited for pictures and it also comes in colors that are UV absorbing. In our experience, it’s one of the best answers to How to stop leaks on a metal roof.


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