Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

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Roofing may not have changed in the past decade and there may be no significant changes for the next hundred years. However, whenever there are small changes to what professionals can expect for the roof’s performance, it will allow the leading professionals to effectively reconsider the other ways they can have the new homes covered.

Since the last in-depth look about the advantages and disadvantages of asphalt and metal roofing, the main priority of every homeowner is energy efficiency as they desire to minimize the utility bills. Aside from this, due to a lot of natural disasters that included the Superstorm Sandy, devastating hurricanes, and the wildfires in California, both the east and west coasts are now more focused on acquiring products that are resilient and resistant to any disaster.

Because of this, 2nd2None Roofing has re-examined the simple but widely asked query – in roofing which among metal or asphalt would work best for my home? Have the manufacturers in metal and asphalt roofs upgraded the materials that they use so they can meet the standards nowadays? What type of roofing can meet what I need when it comes to resiliency, aesthetics, and efficiency?

Since resilience against natural disasters and efficiency in energy is now at the forefront of the minds of the buyers, both of the metal and asphalt roofing industries were able to take the necessary steps for the enhancement of the performance of their products as well as the emphasis of their current advantages. Here are the ways on how these materials were able to change:

Lifespan and Cost of Metal and Asphalt

According to the material comparisons of the MRA, metal roofs are among the most expensive as they are estimated to cost around $800 to $1,500 for each square of a stamped panel and $800 to $1,200 for every square of a vertical seam. The expected lifespan of a metal roof is more than five decades.

Asphalt, on the other hand, is among the material types that are least expensive as it costs $350 to $900 for every square. As per the MRA, the average lifespan of asphalt is at 1.5 to 2 decades. ARMA considers roofs that are more than two decades old to be the ideal candidates for replacement.

Aesthetic Appearance of Metal and Asphalt

Because of numerous advances in aesthetics, the market for metal roofs were able to benefit. There have been manufacturers like CertainTeed that were able to introduce metal roofing last 2015. They offer metal shingles that have a stamped-panel that has profiles which appears similar to tiles, slate, and shake. Metal roofs can appear similar to any product in roofing available in both the color and shapes perspectives. This kind of roof can now provide anything people would aesthetically desire.

Steel roofing coated with stone is another aesthetic option that combines the upper layer made of stone with a metal base. It can appear similar to shake, slate, or tile. At a glance, people may not be able to identify it as a metal roof. This can be great in places wherein there are restrictions from homeowner’s associations regarding the appearance of metal. Having steel roofs coated with stone can change the whole perspective when it comes to banning the use of metal roofs in any subdivision.

In the past decade, the market for asphalt shingles has now shifted from the use of the traditional shingles with three tabs to architectural or laminated designer shingles. Even if these shingles are more expensive and heavier compared to the traditional three-tab roofs, they are capable of emulating the appearance of other types of roofs such as the ones made of slate and shake

Whatever type of roofing, shingles have increased its popularity as they are created to emulate the appearance of natural wood shake without the same upkeep requirements. The market for residential roofing is now shifting towards the laminates. Since the fiberglass mat has extra layers, the added dimensionality of laminated asphalt shingles create an appearance that is similar to wood shake. These laminated shingle styles may also get offered with better wind ratings and longer warranties.

The Resiliency of Metal and Asphalt

After the devastating wildfires that happened in the west coast and the two consecutive years of destruction from hurricanes, the MRA has now added to its efforts to spotlight the resilience of metal roofing.

According to the MRA, the highest quality of metal roofing systems are capable of withstanding winds that are more than 140 miles per hour which can be the equivalent to an F2 tornado. This kind of roofing also carries the fire rating Class A that makes it resistant to impact damage from debris and hail and almost impenetrable to moisture. FEMA recommends people to use it in areas that are prone to fire. Moreover, because of the Hurricane Irma, the Monroe County of Florida also mandated that every replacement or new roofs should be made of metal.

There are numerous advancements in metal roofing that includes resistance to corrosion and improvement in coatings. Even if the substrates are the same, the coatings that go over the metal have improved. Because of this, in the perspective of corrosion, whenever you install a product of high quality, you need it to get installed by a person who can do it of high quality as well. This can help minimize the issue of corrosion.

When it comes to asphalt, manufacturers already made improvements in the resistance of the product to impact by introducing shingles that are rubberized or SBS-modified. Fiberglass mat, asphalt, including polymer modification to certain shingle lines were able to make the products have a lighter weight and enhance their characteristics in impact and wind resistance. The needs for maintenance may be geographically different but people have seen great results from shingles that are designed specifically to take care of concerns in algae resistance.

The Green Certification and Energy-Efficiency of Metal and Asphalt

According to the material comparisons of the MRA, because of the high reflectivity of metal roofs, it can provide up to 30% in energy savings compared to other types of roofing.

When it comes to asphalt, one of its significant advancements are the improvements in thermal emittance and solar reflectance that is collectively referred to as the SRI or Solar Reflectance Index. As per the ARMA, conventional shingles have values in solar reflectance that can range from 0.25 for white and 0.04 for black. The solar reflective value of the asphalt roof can increase up to 0.40 through adding asphalt granules created with new pigments that can reflect light.

This design for cool roofing allows the solar energy to get reflected back into the atmosphere instead of allowing it to get absorbed into the building that may create a strain on the cooling systems. It is recommended to make sure that the attic’s insulation and ventilation systems are balanced in order to minimize the energy needs of the structure.

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